“I Am A Senior…
Am Not Senile!”


and Dedication

This publication,
a work in progress,
is dedicated to those organizations and dedicated men and women, who in
providing facilities, information and encouragement,
enable seniors to cope with their challenging later years, enabling them to say:
“I’m a Senior
AND I’m not senile!”

“The mission of this website is to encourage city, state and national lawmakers to establish a week between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day,
as Senior Appreciation Week. Theme:
Celebrating Seniors!


Welcome to

A website created to honor Seniors who too often are overlooked and underappreciated. —Paul Stone, editor


Our Mission is to encourage City, State and National lawmakers to establish a week between Mother's Day and Father's Day Sunday thru Saturday as Senior-Appreciation-Week. Theme: Celebrating Seniors!


Our Mission is to help bridge the gap between generations: Encourage all Senior Centers (during National Senior-Appreciation-Week) to organize an Open House Week program inviting their community neighbors, including young people, to visit and participate in their programs.


Our Mission is to encourage middle and high school students to participate in “living-history” panel discussions with Seniors who speak about their experiences during past events in history.

Following are suggestions for an exciting Open House Week celebration:
Guidelines: “People, Program and Promotion”
• Committee Chairperson and Volunteer Committee Organize Daily Programs.
• Invite community neighbors and young people to visit and participate in activities.
• Volunteer printing company to print brochures / anouncements and other news items with company name on literature enabling free publicity for the printing company.
• Community business support: Vendors to supply give-aways, premiums and souvenirs.
• Signs in windows of local merchants:
“Senior Specials” / Senior Savings during Senior-Appreciation-Week!
• Posters / flyers and signs for local distribution:
Celebrating Seniors
You are cordially invited to visit and participate in programs and activities for an enjoyable and rewarding experience!!!
Free Admission / Refreshments / Souvenirs / etc.

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